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Specialist Cleaning


solar panel cleaningSolar Panel Cleaning


When solar panels become dirty due to dust, airborne particles, leaves and bird droppings it dramatically reduces their efficiency.


If a solar panel is not properly cleaned it will significantly reduce the power output from the panel and it is at risk of being damaged.


Using our latest Reach & Wash systems we can effectively clean any solar panel and further preventing build up of dust and other airborne particles.


Graffiti Removal


We offer a range of graffiti removal techniques that suit every type of inappropriate paint removal whether it be a small graffiti 'tag' or an unsightly urban masterpiece.


Cladding Cleaning


Suffolk Approved have a wide range of cleaning services for exterior cladding and facades not only on commercial and industrial buildings but for domestic buildings too and are a great way to restore a building back to it's original glory rather than paying for expensive repainting or re-cladding.


Facade Cleaning


We are experienced in most types of facade cleaning including stone cleaning and masonry cleaning.  Our facade cleaning services can cleaning off dirt, pollution, most surface fire damage.


Please contact us for more information about Suffolk Approved specialist cleaning services.






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